About sariah ogbe

        This is honestly the last page I'd think anyone would click on, but since you"re such a curious little kitten (which is a good thing, anyway) and want to know what this blog is about, then read on...            

       About the Author


      I am a young entrepreneur till curious about life, I'm already sure of what I want to be but I'm still very curious as to what life has in store for me. I major in Chemical Engineering . I hate uncertainties, so I love to plan wayy ahead. I am a pretty average kinda girl but still love the finer things of life. I love travelling but haven't really been anywhere. I'd definitely love to explore every culture, one country at a time. I also love fashion.

 About the Blog

         This is basically my online diary, where I show little snippets of my day to day lifestyle. in simple terms, this is the world of an average striving black young woman.