11 Random Facts About Me

     Welcome to a new week everyone, hope you’re having a good one already.  For y’all to know me a little better, I decided to do a quick posts about me . I chose 11 instead of 10 because 11 is one of my luck numbers, alongside 1, 19, 29 and 99, noticed a trend? Yeah I prefer odd numbers to even numbers and in love with 1’s and 9’s. I am a really optimistic person probably because I’m a Sagittarius, I am definitely not scared of starting over, I just hate uncertainties so I plan ahead. I’ll be 19 this year and already feels like it’s going to be the best year ever, as it is one of my lucky numbers. Shocking or not, I didn’t come up with it name Sariah myself, my dad gave it to me. It is an Hebrew name meaning “Princess of God”, and no, it is not Sarah nor Sarai with a different spelling, it is pronounced “Sai-ruu-yah”. I am really shy and suck at public speaking which is why my only B in college till this day is in Speech. I am from the Itsekiri tribe of Delta state Nigeria, no, I am not Igbo. I like to write down my goals and steps I need to accomplish them, it keeps me focused. I major in Chemical Engineering, and it has always been my dream to graduate with a PhD in chemical Engineering at 25. I own a clothing line and would introduce you guys to it very soon. I love reading/watching documentaries about Frankie Lymon ( more like an obsession tho, then I feel sad for him afterwards, lol) but I love his music more. I’m generally into soul/R’n’B genre of music, sometimes trap when it’s needed. I also mostly wear sunglasses to cover my natural dark circles, and when I don’t, I cut off my head in photos, like this;


    There, you now know me more than anyone I’ve met in the past year or so. We are practically best friends already, yay!!  


Let me get to know you too, comment a quick fact about yourself.  

                             XX, Sariah.