Things To Do Before Summer Ends

      It’s back to school season again and it feels like you’ve wasted your summer? Yeah I know that feeling and trust me, it is a good one so here are some things you can do before summer ends, some not so fun. 

     As summer ends, Fall starts do it time to go back to school, plan out your semester. Get a planner to write so you can can see all your commitments in one view and keep to them, turn in your assignment on time, study before starts. Do all this before you start school (if you are in school). Plan ahead.

     If you’ve been staying home all summer, take a day to go out and enjoy yourself with your friends, or if you have no friends like me, go out solo, they are a lot of fun things to do on your own, trust me. If you’ve been out, take a day off to relax and unwind, do a face mask, have a bubble bath, whatever you want to.


TravelSariah Ogbe