So... I'm back. I've always loved to write, fashion and everything nice, so i decided to blog my journey through my ever changing lifestyle, like some kind of online diary. Then I stopped for obvious wrong reasons, like comparing myself to other people, letting my insecurities cloud my thoughts and many other things that didn't matter, and I am glad to have gotten over it all, it was tough, but i did it. I am entirely grateful for the kind of supportive parents I have, they were by my side at every point. Quick story, i use the ".net" extension, because i bought my ".com" about 6 years ago when i opened my first blog ever, then forgot about it, now someone is trying to make me pay $2000 to get it back, Lol. 

Anyway, after taking close to a year off social media to reboot, I'm back! better than ever! So expect more from me, I'll posting every Sunday and Wednesday until further notice. Please subcribe and you definitely will not regret it! Thank You!