July Highlights

        Hey loves, Happy New Month! July was definitely a great month, I’d call it “ my month of recovery “. I reopened my blog, though I haven’t really shared it yet, I need some time to grasp the fact I’m actually writing on my own blog! After so many years, I am over the moon and hope the little people reading it, loves it. There would be loads of exciting things to come in the near future. I recovered physically and mentally. I’m at peace right and all the friends, opportunities and so on I lost, is definitely worth all I have now, I’m resuming school in about 3 weeks and can’t wait to see what this semester has instore for me. I might get really busy but I do have some free time so I’ll still be posting regularly. 


Yeah, about the dress... I got it from forever 21 and got a size small, thinking I was still a size small. I like it anyway so bear with me. 


  Okay loves, that was my July in a few words, tell me yours in the comments section below.  

               XX, Sariah.