October highlights

This seems like the only post I'm consistent in updating, lol, but don't take it to heart, if you read my ”September highlights ” you might remember I started my first job ever in August but starting to feel out of place. Well, it was mostly my fault, as I didn't even give my coworkers the chance to be nice to me as they also thought I was mean and steered clear from me, PSA: I am definitely not mean, I just have a bitch resting face, but I am the nicest person you'll ever met. 

I’ve learnt that you need to be understanding to be understood, there’s no two way about it. This month was literally the fastest month this year, like where did the time go??! My birthday is in November and I still haven’t planned anything!!! Christmas is in two months and I’m still broke! Please slow down 2018. For my birthday, I’m definitely going to organize a very special nothing.  

Till probably next month loves... 



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