The Perfect Wash ‘n’ Go

    Somethings are just to perfect it’s scary! This was me after using the deva curl super stretch coconut curl elongator. It’s a one step only process, meaning no need for leave in conditioners and most especially gels; the damned things that makes your hair hard and flaky, no need for that. 


        The deva curl coconut curl elongator is a 2 in 1 formula that works as a gel while also moisturing your curls. 

    Now lets go to what I think. I have multiple hair types I consider myself 4b/4c but some parts of my hair look 3c like this; 



     I’ve used it every day since I got it. The only down side is that it is quite pricey, if it wasn’t to me, I wouldn’t even think of buying it but right now, I’m in love and will definitely repurchase.

     Enjoy a picture of my curls.


   What’s your hair type ? Do you also have multiple hair types? What’s your favorite hair product? Let me know in the comments below...